Great Park Project

An Independent Investor’s Benchmark

This is a large house at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Great Park area of Irvine. It was purchased from a developer and then upgraded by the original buyer. From the flooring to the fixtures, everything looks its best, and prior to the shoot it was very warmly furnished and staged. The investor has set the bar extremely high with this offering.

This was an exciting photo project, as Realtor® Diana Luo of AMDJ Realty obtained a complete set of still photos in addition to multiple panoramas in varying degrees. This project is a good example of how dramatic a set of virtual reality panoramas can be, showing off some that are less than 360º (full circle).

The resulting collection of photos and panoramas are a tribute to some great development and investment decisions, and will enhance the portfolios of the interior designer and the stager, as well as the photographer’s photo and virtual tour galleries.

Below are some of the virtual reality panoramas produced in this project.

With all 360 Pantours, you may use the mouse to look upward and downward and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Using a phone, you may tilt the phone up and down, and also hold the phone in front of you while turning in a circle for a virtual reality experience. If your phone displays a “gyro” button, press it for full effect.
Photography by James Anthony Carvin

entrance_4169 dining_4130 kitchen-lr_3998 kitchen_4112

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